The Xbox 360 Console – A Brief Look

The Xbox 360 delivers the most powerful console, the next generation of Xbox Live, amazing digital entertainment experiences, and best of all, a flood of hot new game titles. The graphics are very realistic making this an excellent all rounder games console.The Xbox 360, complete with wireless controller, is a sleek, customizable gaming and entertainment system which is much smaller than its predecessor. It uses a refined button layout for its controllers and can accommodate up to four wireless controllers whilst having three USB points. The majority of owners are having a great experience with their console and do so from day one.Graphically, it is a leap forward as this little beauty can draw up to 500 million polygons per second to depict game scenes. To you and me that means the picture quality is just superb!There are games that will take you to a dream world where you will have to save both the girl and world from the evil that is all around as in the game The Final Fantasy XI. And there are games that will get your heart raging the next time you are home alone in the dark thinking that there are zombies and evil nasties out there trying to get you such as in the game Resident Evil 5.Grand Theft Auto IV is the latest title in the Grand Theft Auto series and the first to appear on the Xbox 360. It is enjoying huge success at the time of writing and a game you should certainly look into for yourself.Xbox 360 is considered by some to be the best console offering the most choice in gaming and entertainment experiences with a carefully selected range of high quality accessories.

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