Video Game Consoles – Microsoft Xbox 360

We cannot deny the fact the gaming is very far from where it started 30 years ago. When it comes to interaction, connectivity, graphics, audio, and game play, consoles today are far more superior. This drastic change in how we play games also changed the way people describe what entertainment is. From playing simple games while holding a controller, we can now play games without holding anything.This article will be reviewing one of the most popular game consoles today called Xbox 360. It has gained popularity since it was introduced in mid-2006; exactly four years after Microsoft entered the game console industry.Xbox was the first console to offer an open network that will allow all the users to connect and compete with each other using an online network called Xbox Live. This made Xbox the best choice when it comes to online gaming and interaction. Unfortunately, you need to pay a yearly membership in order to access this network and play with other Xbox users.Recently, Microsoft announced the release of their motion sensing console that will be connected with Xbox 360 units called Kinect. This console has a built-in camera and voice recognition that will track your voice and gestures and will act as in-game pointers. As soon as this accessory for Xbox was released, game developers rushed to developing games that will use all the features of Kinect.There are still a lot of features that Xbox offers. If you want to learn more, you can visit the official website of Xbox and see all the features that this console offers. You can also visit the nearest game store and check the console physically.Always keep in mind that more than the features, your budget should be considered when purchasing a game console, some products maybe expensive but with more offers than the more affordable ones.

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